Welcome to Fern Gully,

Thank you for your interest in joining our adventurous family!​ We are now accepting applications for ongoing enrollment for our outdoor early education programs. You get to choose your weekly schedule and tuition is paid monthly.

We follow the Olympia School District schedule for holidays & start/end dates.

  • Tuition is due on the first of the month. See below under Program Registration for a link to register and set up monthly payments.

To be eligible for the upcoming school year, students should be at least 3 years old by September and have not yet turned 7.

All students must be comfortable using a toilet with minimal teacher assistance prior to the start of class.


Students must bring a water bottle, sack lunch, snacks & appropriate all-weather gear, including a waterproof rain suit, rubber boots, and warm layers. We provide additional snacks, seasonal or celebratory birthday treats or herbal teas on occasion.

We are a full nature-immersion program so we will be spending all of our time outside, rain or shine, although we do have covered areas to eat, read books, for dance, music, art and other activities.

CLASS SIZE: We generally keep a 5:1 child to teacher ratio. Children are in small “clans” of two teachers and up to 11 children. Our mixed ages approach benefits children in many ways and helps us build a community that models the kind of diversity, love, and care which is more naturally in sync with how children learn and grow together.

HOURS: 4-Hour Classes. 9 am - 1 pm M-F



An in-person tour is required before registering. Please contact us to set up a date and time.

The following links can be used to register and set up a monthly payment plan. A full application must be completed, signed, and returned by e-mail, mail, or in-person to complete enrollment before their first day.


Administrative Fee: There is a non-refundable $50 one-time administrative fee and deposit for each child that can be submitted by mail, in-person, or ONLINE to reserve your spot via paypal.me/ferngullyschool 

Please include a note with your child/children's name(s) and the day(s) you are registering for.


1 Day per week

M, T, W, or Fri $200/month REGISTER HERE

Thursdays Yoga & Music $250/month REGISTER HERE

2 Days per week $400/month REGISTER HERE

3 Days per week $550/month REGISTER HERE

4 Days per week $650/month REGISTER HERE

5 Days per week $750/month REGISTER HERE


FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE you can set up recurring monthly payments for the schedule you want at the links above. Or you can send a payment via paypal.me/ferngullyschool.


We are also happy to accept cash or checks in person or mail to:

1443 Brown St SE Olympia, WA 98501

Payment Arrangements

Tuition is due on the first of each month. If needed, we can set up payment arrangements to pay child care fees bi-monthly or on a different schedule than the first of each month.

If you prefer cash or check, tuition and all fees must be paid by mail or in person by your child's first day of school. Please let us know what works best for your family. 


We know that providing the best quality education for your child represents a financial commitment. We also believe that every child and family should have equal access to our programs and services.  If you would like to apply for financial assistance, please contact us.

We are a collective of women cultivating community. Families who enroll in our school are invited to share their talents and contribute throughout the year through volunteering for class events, forest conservation or restoration efforts and work parties, or helping with projects at home for future use at school.


Set up a Tour

30-minute tours Mon-Fri

between 1:30-3:30 pm 



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