Playful Outdoor Learning Opportunities

You get to choose the days of the week that work for you!


Nature Creativity

Mon, Wed, Fri. Learning through play, curiosity, observation and experimentation, making art, gardening, and wildcrafting. We develop environmental awareness through observation and by following daily (solar), monthly (lunar), and seasonal rhythms and celebrations to connect to the cycles and wisdom of nature. Our curriculum is nature-based and child-led - we customize it to meet each child's unique needs with space and encouragement for them to follow their individual interests. Like all of our programs, The Nature Creativity classes have an emphasis on self-awareness, compassionate communication, gratitude, and respect for self, others, and the natural world.

Wild One's Music

Tuesdays with specialty teachers Greg Voelker and Charissa Waters. Wild One's Music is an opportunity for children, and by extension, families, to experience and appreciate their wild spirits. Humans crave a practical understanding of our capacity to live in the natural world. Little Wild Ones are encouraged to cultivate compassion, courage, and cooperative innovation. Rhythm time, nature-based seasonal songs, creative stories, music, cooperative games, and play make up the unique Wild One's Music curriculum. Children in this group recognize and celebrate their authentic expression, as they witness and help each other grow more capable, creative, and confident!

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Yoga, Dance & Music Makers

Thursdays with specialty teacher Amy Flynn. Come join us for Movement, Music, and Play! In addition to our nature and child-led play, we will also be creating space for kids' Yoga, Dance, Acrobatics, and Expressive Arts. Through these classes, we will be building important tools that children can carry with them including increased body awareness, strength and flexibility, and self-calming/emotional regulation skills. This is an emergent and amusing exploration of music and movement with percussion instruments, juggling scarves, yoga, storytelling, and more!