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Fern Gully Forest Values

We share a common vision and values for raising resilient children, cultivating community & creating a better world!


Appreciation for and Connection to Nature

Through unstructured play outdoors, guidance in exploring nature, and enduring the elements, participants gain strength to overcome physical and intellectual challenges and feel a responsibility to care for the natural world.

Self-Esteem and Confidence

Through learning in a cooperative environment, story-telling, group challenges, and self-directed projects, students are mentored to see their natural gifts and feel appreciated for them. Through practicing conflict resolution, and various other social and emotional skill sets, children receive individual attention in their interpersonal growth. They are supported to take on real responsibilities on the mini-farm.


Creative Expression

We allow for ample time for children to explore their innate tendencies for creative play! We provide time to explore various musical instruments, art projects, and dance/movement practices to help support your child's natural passions.

We believe learning through experience and collaboration supports the whole growth of the individual. Our multidisciplinary educational approach allows students to learn & explore distinct subjects from various perspectives. 

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Mental, Physical and Emotional Well-being 

Through learning about movement and nutrition, developing a quiet mind, and connection with the elements, participants experience reduced stress and anxiety and a stronger desire to spend time outdoors. We will explore various mindfulness practices such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Conscious Dance, and Meditation to help better support the holistic health of our children. 

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